Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Recent Sun Stuff....

It's been forever and a day since the weblog has been updated.

Hopefully 2015 will be a year where creative endeavors are front and center.....

It's actually been a little over a year and a half since Devil Tree started jamming and creating original music together in a shed in a backyard in Midwest City.

We have stayed busy and creative, although big life changes in members' worlds have cut in on our sessions a bit the last couple of months.

We did have a fruitful session last week however out of which came a song we are happy with and which will be uploaded here shortly as soon as the video editing is complete.

"Soul Defender" is a song that just happened while we were riffing and letting the music create it's own mood and direction, and the lyrics came after some of the more solid structural ideas were in place.

That's actually my favorite way to do music and I think its going to me more common with our sessions.

There have been a few times where I was really kind of high and tranced out just stewing in the the experimenting and free form playing of the band without any words at all.

From there, certain images or concepts begin to suggest themselves and the lyrics start as fragments that evolve a bit until there is a whole written verse structure.

With a lot of our early material the lyrics and melody ideas were brought to the band and they tried, successfully in my opinion, to build a song from that. But the other way--building from the live sound--well, that works better in so many ways.

So we'll definitely be experimenting more with that stream of consciousness mode!

Stay tuned for the soon to be posted video of "Soul Defender"!


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