Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good Sessions

April has been a month of hard work. After some long breaks we got back to a solid jamming schedule and have seen the creation of two new songs...we also picked up one we hadn't sung for six months or more, a Devil Tree oldie as it were, and it was spot on tight, a big encouragement.

We are still working with the anticipation of playing out as well as staying committed to the eventual release of a collection of our finished songs but we are taking time to let new ideas happen as well.

Looking forward to Norman Music Festival for a rest and a time to drink in the energy of other musicians and people out loving and drinking in music...our time will come!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Impressive Transformation

So a few years ago I meet these guys. A dude and his son. We were playing D&D back then. The group broke up, the game ended. Partly on my end because I really wanted to get back to playing music. I kept in touch with them though and a couple of years later, Justin sends me some blues lyrics he's written. Really good ones. His big mistake though, was he sent me a sound file of him singing them. I thought "Damn this guy can actually sing".

We get this band going and everything and each time we jam, I hear so much improvement in Levi and Justin. Not that they sucked to begin with but I just got back from jamming and I heard stuff today I was really impressed by. That harmonica was WAILING!

Levi has really become a solid drummer. Everything is getting so much better. I better up my game.