Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mr. Levi Becker, percussions!
Yesterday was a great session! We were all getting used to using the JamHub, which is a terminal for headphones to allow us to rock silently as it were. I will probably blog about the Great Noise Debacle at a later date, but suffice it for now to say that Alan, Brent and Erick dug deep to solve the problem of noise pollution, which Rock and Roll ain't, I've heard. There is a fine line between being good neighbours and facilitating artistic expression.

We were stopped dead in our tracks till the JamHub was introduced, unless we wanted to argue with police...anyway, it lets us all hear each other  and adjust for mixing and recording, and it was very different.

Some of us loved it, some were'nt so sure. But overall, its going to make us a better unit because it lets you hear, up close, every little mistake. It also allows us to record tracks with selective instruments and vocals--we can hear all of  them on our headphones but choose which sounds we want to actually record, which lets us go back and lay in multi tracks for cleaner sound.

We rehashed a song we've done many times every session now, Love is a Suicide, and though at first I was getting a little tired of the same song every session, at the end of the jam I understood that in order to become good, we've got to make every song as perfect as we can get it. You could hear a major difference after so many runs, weekend after weekend. Getting tighter, cleaner, and working out bugs.

We also began work on a new song, tentatively titled the Ace of Cups, a song about holding out for the restoration of love no matter what bumps come ina  relationship, even apparent endings. We feel good about it.

Working on new material after focusing on earlier tunes is a good way to unwind...the ongoing efforts feel alot like work but playing with new stuff is a great way to unwind and let go after some intense efforts.

I feel thankful to be in this band and appreciate everyone there. A new set of electric drums was also part of the day's experimentation and Levi took them pretty quick.

Erick and Alan gearing up!

Brent: What, me worry?

Levi at work!

We've got this.

Jamming is good!

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